Ben Carson is vying for Republican presidential candidature in the next United States elections and has been talking on various socio-economic issues he feels are not in order. Top on his Agenda is the pressing subject of Education reforms that would spur Americans to greater scales of prosperity. According to Ben Carson, the federal management of education has kept parents away from playing their role in children’s education (Brandon 2015). Localization of education in respective states would significantly boost parental and communal involvement in the learning process hence boost performance of students. In terms of education funding, Ben Carson points out that pooling of funds then redistributing would bridge the gap in terms of quality access to education across states (Brandon 2015). Such a move would be a deviation from the interstate wealth disparities that is reflected in the outcome of standardized test results. In regard to the African-American dominated states, poverty translates to ill-equipped schools leading to dismal performance. It would therefore important to revise funding mechanism to standardize school environment in terms of facilities across the country.

The traditional schools have always underperformed due to limited competition drive. In the opinion of Ben Carson, introduction and encouragement of charter schools, private schools and having school vouchers will provoke competition and boost performance of leaners (Brandon 2015). This constitutes the concept of choice and Ben really votes for it. In the learning process, Ben champion for reinforcement of non-cognitive lessons as this will uphold the values that underscore productive education. It is worth to conclude that the views of Ben Carson is shared among many people but faces opposition in equal measure. Ben Carson emphasizes that the spirit of unity towards education policies would significantly boost restoration of United States to its previous education ranking in the world.



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Retrieved on 8 October 2015 from:

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