Receiving the treatment for a patient for with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is often daunting for the patients and their families because it is always linked with the long- life difficulty that may interfere with the independent functioning of the body and the quality of life of the individual (Guralnick, 1997). However, it is worth noting that when a proper intervention is taken as early as possible, then there is a high possibility of the improved outcome. The guideline for the assessment that was done in order assesses some of the behaviors that Jason Doe portrayed. This behavior could in turn be used to understand what is happening with him so as help his situation (Guralnick, 1997). The intervention this case could mean the treatment, supports and the services that are set to help Jason improve his condition. In order to increase the predictability of activities, transition, and expectations, the teachers should always be monitored Joe in his activities and how he relate with the rest of pupils.  In doing this, the teachers will find to help Jason cope up. It is important to ensure that Jason is not left out of the activities in case he may forget that there is already a change of what is going on.

Utilizing Premack Principle

Reinforcement is critical for the case of Jason especially the pictures. However, the picture should not only be meant for Jason instead the rest of the pupils are also supposed to participate in the activities. When Jason sees that his fellow students are also participating, he will feel more motivated unlike when teachers make him the center of concentration. Again teachers should have more understanding for Jason so that if he is not concentrating they give him time at the same time remind him of what he should be doing.

Providing reinforcement for On- Task Behavior is very imperative especially in the case of Jason (Coplan, 2010). For every accomplished task, teachers are supposed to motivate Jason so as the there be increased the chances of reoccurrence of the good behavior. The number of praises should be as many as possible.

Sensory Diet and Sensory Choice Board

In relation to the diet and sensory choice Board, the information given herein is quite relevant. From the information listed down, we can depict that Jason’s social interactions are interfered with by the disorder.  The information herein, concerning activities prior to large group instruction or extensive teaching session confirm that Jason behavior has sensory component. Moreover, presenting Jason with the sensory choice board was imperative with our analysis of the situation. Moreover, the piece gives us a section of the discussion that encompasses the consultation between staff and the OT about the appropriate sensory activities and sensory diet that would work effectively in ensuring that Jason’s sensory need is met. This was wonderfully documented.

Increase Awareness of Emotions and Appropriate Emotional Behaviors

The information given herein given by Ms. Quail was significant enough to give us the direct instructions in the recognition and expression of emotions during the social skills. This information was vital though they ought to have been much more specific in their documentation.

Train Relaxation Repertoire and Self-Management

There is much sense in documenting how Jason has been trained to utilize a relaxation routine. By so doing,   the information herein was significant in letting us know and analyze the decrease of the frequency plus the intensity of his tantrums. I feel this was very wonderful information to document as it facilitates how best we can view Jason’s self-management.  Moreover, the routines that were used to taking few deep breaths beside counting from 1 to 5 was effective enough to give the best information required about the disorder.  Again, presenting the relaxation when Jason is calm is quite effective as it will enhance instructional purposes


In the first place, it is imperative for the teachers to find a way of making the rest of the pupils in class to understand the situation of Jason so that for any weird behavior they will be able to know that Joe is not as normal as them. Above all Jason should be undertaken through proper medical checkup as early as possible to help permanently his situation. Lastly, it is important for the teachers to enhance the understanding of the individual differences and the context of the class. This culture can also be encouraged among the pupils so as help in dealing with Jason.

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