Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Is Medication the Answer?

ADHD is a health issue affecting some people and is mostly evident and more pronounced during childhood. This complication if not identified at this early stage can risk affecting the individual’s entire life as the observable symptoms wear out with age. Medication is the best option when it comes to the treatment and containment of this health disorder. This assertion is true in spite of the opposition from different quarters who have tried to discredit it.

Many patients and especially those who have attained adulthood claim that medications do not work. These claims are more prevalent during the early days of medication use. This, however, has been proved as a case of misdiagnosis and not a case of medicinal failure in the treatment. Diagnosis of ADHD is not a thing to be taken lightly. The patient should explain in detail the full effects and how they have been affected by this particular disease. As it has been noted, most medics will base their diagnosis on the few statements of complications from the patient, and without conducting further tests, give prescriptions. This, however, should not be the case as there are different parameters upon which a successful diagnosis should meet in order for the right medication to be prescribed by the doctor (Schmitz, 12-16)

Persons with health problems like heart defects, kidney disease or even high blood pressure have always been identified as persons with high risks when it comes to using the stimulant type of medication for treatment of ADHD. Such individuals, however when they notify the doctor earlier in advance concerning their medical conditions, they can be prescribed with non-stimulant based kind of medication which will be able to combat their health problem. For instance, this drugs can help to improve concentration and focus of the patients. Therefore, such diseases cannot in any way deny the patient a chance of treatment with the use of ADHD medications as there is a variety which is a non stimulant. Antidepressants also can be utilized by this group of people though it has no yet been approved the body in charge of authorizing the use of drugs. However, all in all, the antidepressants help a great deal in reducing symptoms of the problem (Safren, 831)

Medication treatment of ADHD can also work in conjunction with other complimentary treatment method in order to deliver the best effects. This is primarily meant to solve the shortcomings of using medicine in the sense that some learned traits cannot go away with the use of medicinal prescriptions. It is, therefore, imperative that such a person can go through therapy as a way of dealing with personality issues and characteristics which come with it. An instance where this happens is in the case where an individual has been looked down upon by the parents or guardians due to the problem of ADHD. This person, therefore, will have to be guided by a qualified therapist in order to develop self-confidence. The guardians too can also be included in the procedure as they are contributors in the patient’s life and health.

The cause of ADHD has never been precisely identified by the medics. There are however many theories speculating on its development and source. Some claim that it might have been caused by low birth weights others claim that it might be due to exposure to lead pollution and exposure in early childhood. This, however, does not discredit the use of medicine as the best way of treating it in spite of the fact that it is only dealing with the symptoms and not the real health problem. Medicine has been proved to provide quite a good solution to the people suffering from ADHD and their ability to go about their daily activities and chores is a direct proves that it can help alleviate the problem at hand. The moral feeling of satisfaction of seeing a small child going to school and participating in school activities like other children can be both satisfying to the parent and the medical professionals. Therefore, the use of medicine, in spite of the fact that it deals entirely and only with the symptomatic manifestation of the ADHD problem should never be opposed (Barkley, 65).

Medicine, also unlike the other remedies for the ADHD medical problem, delivers a fast solution the problem. Medical prescriptions after they have been administered work immediately. This is because they utilize the physical aspects, unlike the other solutions and remedies which will be aiming at the psychological aspects of the individual. The medications work by stimulating the part of the brain which is a charge of concentration and focus, thereby making the individual to behave in a normal way. This also can be quite helpful and important in times of emergencies. This is a direct prove that medicine can be the best antidote for the problem.

From the instances mentioned above, it is quite clear that the use of medicine as a solution to the ADHD problem can be quite efficient. It is quite helpful in that it works fast and can be utilized with other complimentary ways of treatment to produce the best results.

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