Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder

Scholarly research work has played a significant role in boosting the understanding of Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). This article is informative in terms of cause-effect relation in ADHD. In fact, the condition is more prevalent among young children. However, the article exposes a new observation that older persons are equally vulnerable (Wang,et al.2013). It is worth noting from the article that ADHD is one of the dreaded psychiatric conditions that is often chronic and exhibit its symptoms inform of limited attention, impulsive behavior and deficiency in motivation. It can also be learnt from the article that the level of a chemical neurotransmitter (Dopamine) is responsible for the ADHD disorder. A critical and intense research on the disorder shed some light on stimulant medications (methylphenidate (MPH) as the appropriate remedy. Besides MPH, amphetamine can also be used to enhance dopamine signal. The intriguing aspect of the article is noted at the unresolved observation on chronic effects of MPH in brain dopamine signaling.

There are some aspects of the article that are difficult to understand. While the article emphasizes use of MPH, there are emerging concerns on its use for the chronic treatment. It is evident that there exists information gap on chronic effects of stimulant medication despite being associated with ADHD symptoms improvement (Wang,et al.2013). In essence, there is significant level of confusion at this point in regard to the most accurate approach to address long-term stimulant treatment of ADHD

The article is appropriate for psychology student to use as a source for a term paper. The study combines quantitative and qualitative data that strengthen the advanced argument. Methodology, data collection, analysis and presentation optimize the findings on ADHD treatment (Wang,et al.2013). The scientific presentation of the article qualifies it as peer review hence relevant to be used in literature review.

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