Atlanta Georgia Air Quality

Statement of the problem

The quality of Air in Atlanta has been a contentious issue for over 15 years. Air pollution is attributed to high nitrogen oxides from cars and truck emissions as a result of .The state has therefore consistently recorded a high ozone pollution that put it worst ranked in soot and smog prevalence. According to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the state has registered high respiratory infections for the past 10 years. Containing the menace of rising Ozone effect has therefore attracted the attention of various health and environment stakeholders in collaboration with public to address the quality of Air (Jessica).

Background information

According to the American Lung Association report on the quality of Air in Atlanta, the state ranked among the worst polluted ozone at position nine in 2000.There has been steady progress quality of air with the association’s latest report of 2016 indicating that the state has moved to 52nd most polluted. According to the findings of  Andy, Atlanta people do a lot of driving that account for the highest emission of carbon and nitrogen oxide which in turn worsen the ground level ozone. Reports of Georgia Department of Natural Resources; U.S. Public Interest Research Group shows a statistics of an estimated over 100 million miles of driving that Atlanta people cover daily. According to Center for Diseases and control findings in 2016, Atlanta recorded a 35% rise in respiratory infections cases (Andy). Such statistics have elicited sharp reaction from members of the public and necessitated need for remedial measures.

Recommendations and Remedies                                     

The proposed improvement in vehicle emissions and power plants has been instrumental towards mitigation of the effects of air pollution.  An increased campaign towards efficient energy and electric cars has significantly improved the quality of Air in Atlanta Georgia. However, the emerging incidences of forest fires noted in Northern Atlanta, Rough Ridge have equally posed air pollution threat. Despite such reports and observed trends, there are remedial measures useful in taking care of the problem.

The political leaders have the ability to create emission bill that would put car manufacturers to task to install toxic gases regulators in the cars. In fact, considering that the gas emission is more of related to the states high driving statistics. It would equally be important for my representative to campaign for a shift to electric cars through price regulation.

Funding of air pollution management program would obviously be expensive. However, a budget of estimated $100m will be appropriate. Part of the funds will be used for environmental care promotion, while the rest will go into logistics of addressing other remedial options.

I believe little has been done in as far as communal involvement is concerned. In that respect, the government should partner with public to support the bill that will impose tax on individuals and corporates that violate air quality acts. Air pollution has significant negative externality to the state. In that respect, a blend of stiff policies and voluntary initiatives by members of the community would help towards addressing the issue of air pollution.

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