Some of the school counseling strengths is the fact that all the students have been captured in the system and are being catered for equally by the department. Moreover, the students are given a chance on an individual basis to approach the counseling department. However, there is a myriad of challenges facing the counseling department, which so far outweigh the strengths. Majorly, they stem from the issue of neglect that is quite evident in the school’s management. The school’s administration never involves the counseling department in the making of strategic plans for the school. Moreover, the fact that the school prioritises other departments in terms of employment of new staff has effectively worked towards ensuring that the department is understaffed. Essentially, the limited number of workers greatly hampers the service delivery of the counseling department, as it cannot efficiently cater for a large number of students. The lack of communication between the school and the department has also not helped matters in the counseling department. As such, it becomes quite difficult to strike a common ground between the two organs, which are pertinent towards the service delivery to the students hence leading to laxity and confusion in the whole sector (Kerry & Mayes, 2014).

In solving the problems bedeviling the counseling department, I would start by advocating for its recognition by the school’s administration. This is the root cause of all the challenges affecting the department as they are in charge of all the decision-making roles in the school. In doing, the school administrators will be made aware of the importance of the department in the improvement of the schools performance. Once the administrators are made aware of the counselors’ importance, they would see the essence of including them in the making of the school’s plans. Nonetheless, the school will see the importance of employing more counselors. Specifically, all this will come about with awareness campaigns targeting the school members. The teachers will be instrumental in informing the students about the essence of approaching counselors for guidance and counselling sessions. Once this practice of soliciting for the counselors’ advice has been entrenched in the school tradition, it will be quite easy for the department to provide its best (Erford, 2014).

The major obstacles, which are imminent in the whole exercise, will be in convincing the students to be much proactive in their approach to the counseling exercise. In practice, it is quite difficult to convince an individual to seek advice concerning an issue as they always regard themselves as being self-sufficient. Therefore, in order to overcome this challenge, I would ensure that the counselors’ roles are publicized through promotions and the use of ICT (Beidoğlu, 2015). Moreover, by making the department staff more approachable with good interpersonal skills and warm gestures will greatly influence how they regard the whole issue.

In the case that the school cannot afford to hire new counselors, it will be much wiser to train some of the already employed teachers as part-time counselors. Not only will this initiative solve the problem of the counseling department being understaffed but also cut on the costs, which the school would have used in the employment of new staff. The department will, therefore, ask for the teachers who are willing to take part in the exercise to be trained by the already seasoned counseling department members. With an increased staffing, the department will be able to offer its services, as it is required of it.

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