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The Significance of the PATRIOT Act Transcends Politics

This article is in support of the patriot Act. However, it offers an insight into how technological advancement, globalization and changes in global geopolitics have complicated securing safety of Americans. While United States was founded on a strong pillar of liberty and human rights, the internet revolution among other technologies have complicated management of terrorism against Americans. It is imperative that government apply Patriot act but reconcile with the fundamental human rights. It is not acceptable that terrorists exploit American fundamental rights that safeguard liberty and freedom of citizens and threaten the peace of the society. The option should therefore be a critical government intervention that emphasizes policy reforms and political goodwill. There is need for intensive research and development on how to curb the legal loopholes occasioned by technology that gives terrorists room to execute their mass killings.

A Historical Argument against the Patriot Act

Although the threat of terrorism is real, Patriot Act is counterproductive to the fundamentals of human rights on which the United States was founded. While the US domestic and foreign policy emphasizes democracy and human rights, Patriot Act ironically promotes oppression. In comparison to previous legislations that include Alien and Sedition Acts, Patriot Act champion infringement into the privacy, liberty and freedom of both Americans and foreigners. It is likely to cultivate progressive hatred and further division already observed between Christians and Muslim Americans. Patriot Act condemns both foreigners and natives to continuous unwarranted searches, arrests and detention without proper investigation and evidence. As such every American citizen is in constant conflict with the law enforcement agencies that consistently breach civil liberties. The patriot Act should therefore be reconsidered for removal to restore American status of freedom while alternative anti-terrorism measures are created.

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