The art and craft of the machine written by Frank is a visionary masterpiece that simplifies and summarizes the philosophy behind his view of architecture. In that piece, the author endeavors to state the power and scope of a machine. He defined art as energy to create a beautiful impact and the machine as a tool that does work for individuals and makes it easier as well.
In the first part, the author is trying to indicate that in history the machine has always been used to destroy and ruin art. He further makes a grand statement that implied the same. He uses the example of architecture and writing to explain his point, and he argues that architecture is the global writing of humanity. However this points stands to be murkier, it beats more logics when analyzed from a historical aspect. The early Sumerians, for example, used buildings to write a message about their culture that was later read by the future generation. He, therefore, brings in the concept of the machine in this case as a tool that made a printing an effective way of communication. Wright argues that the machine gave a man a broader scope of expression to function with it e.g. novel writing and as result people became so dependent on the machine to do art and that destroyed its meaning. Wright further argues that machine makes art cheap. This can be seen through the ability of a machine to create useless reproductions of the initially valuable art products.
According to the author, the most important aspect of art is the simplicity. It is through being simple that the artist can manifest the authentic beauty inherent in the components that he uses. He uses an example of wood, in the past, only the fortunate in the society would have had the opportunity to access wood carvings that were done naturally. In the present day, the machine has expanded the field without sacrificing quality thus making them less expensive. He concludes by stating that a machine is something that is bound to develop in phases, and therefore art should give a reason and a purpose to the machine.
We learn from Wright that if the machines of his time needed to be controlled and harnessed, then the same should be done to the ones of today.

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