Paper is developed by pressing together fibers that are moist. These fibers are obtained from pulp of wood or grasses then dried to form flexible sheets. This process is said to have begun in china in the early second century and has gone globally.

Examples of dry media Charcoal is a rich carbon residue that comes from incomplete burnt wood. It’s made by burning the wood matter in a chamber without oxygen. This process gives a charcoal piece that makes a clear black line that is uniform. Second example is Carbon pencils that are made from a lamp black. They are much pure than the charcoal, it gives a consistency in quality that are maintained depending the degree of hardness. The third item is the graphite, mostly used as a tool for marking. Less dusty as compared to charcoal and adheres well to the surface that is being used for drawing. In our modern world inks are found in a range of colors although historically they were only produced in three colors, brown, black and some tinted variations. It’s composed dye in water solution and gum Arabic. Its tone must be intense yet thin for it to flow at the ball point of a pen. Pens have evolved over time. From simple quill feathers to the modern which has quite a number of varieties that consists of interchangeable nibs made from steel. Pen is considered as the medium through which ink is applied on a given surface.

Contemporary artists have gone to greater heights of using drawing in innovative ways, coming up with new methods of promoting art in the society. They joined hands with other fields to spread the gospel. Some using lasers beams as their medium, not necessarily coving themselves in ink and paintings or seating down with pen and paper. Technology has evolved and helped out a lot. Drawing and painting are similar in a manner that is unexplainable only addressed in pictures. Drawing involves use of dry medium while painting involves use of wet medium. Both involve the use of medium to bring out the thoughts of the artist.

The other name of encaustic painting is hot wax painting. One has to heat bee wax or other types of wax as preferred by the artist to a given temperature onto which pigments of colors are added upon. The paste made is usually applied on a ready prepared surface mostly canvas or wood. Oil pigments or powdered pigments can also be used. The artist use some special kind of brushes and metal tools to manipulate the wax on the surfaces prepared into a desired shape before it cools down. Fresco painting is much different from oil painting. It entails the technique used in mural painting which is performed on a freshly laid plaster.  Water is used as a medium for merging the pigment to the plaster and making it an integral part. While oil painting involves applying oil that has some pigments that binds and dries the oil. Acrylic painting came as a game changer to the painting world. It brought about modification in the texture, appearance, flexibility hardness, and many more other characteristics on the surface that is being painted. It can be used on various surfaces because of its ability to bond on various surfaces well. Mixed media, is kind of art whereby more than one medium of art has been used. Over the years photography has evolved greatly. Asides from the two-dimensional media, photography has enabled artist to bring out variety of shapes and colors, new varied intentions and formats that have greater information and giving strong statements.

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