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Psychology Questions BabyWise


  1. According to Babywise human infants are bad.The main reason for parent-controlled feeding is to rapidly inspire a sense of order in the mind of the newborn.
  2. Babywise gives more significance on Nurture since they are trying to teach parents socially. Based on Babywise beliefs, the social environment must have strong influences on infants to make them act in a moral and civilized manner.
  3. According to Babywise newborns are universal e.g. feeding newborns 2-3hrs around the clock applies to all infants? They believe that anytime a child cries mean something else when they are not hungry.
  4. Babywise find infant development is passive; the kid plays ultimately no role and is not up to the child to choose when they want to eator sleep but is upon the parent.
  5. Babywise seem to have a discontinuous approach to development since it’s about strictness to the child. They had been used to be in a womb and since they are born they are not going to be close to their mom as used to.



  1. The universal characteristics of the sensorimotor period child are when infant find out that they’re their entity; they start to coordinate motor skills, senses and begin learning root and effect.
  2. Upon an encounter with Santa, the sensorimotor stage youngster would perhaps cry and get scared since he is strange to them but upon seeing the gifts they’ll associate him with the right things and create a positive image of him due to the positive reinforcement.
  3. This stage kid would probably watch first and get overwhelmed as Santa is cute and all red, after seeing the presents the baby would draw closer and interact with Santa because they believe he is a handsome man.
  4. The infant would first approach the circumstance carefully, to see what this big all red man is up to, And most probable alter their attitude about the situation when they see Santa has something right for them.
  5. The general characteristics of the preoperational stage child are that the child sees things like symbols and images, they start to have thoughts and attain language in this phase.
  6. Given that preoperational stage kids do not yet think logically, upon encountering Santa, they would possibly run to him, glad and begin searching for toys and good things from him since they would have heard of his positivity.
  7. This stage baby still believes in Santa and knows who he is; the youngster would examine first what they have anticipated being. They’ll be gaining the confirmation to their imagination and thoughts for years.
  8. The Preoperational phase kid would approach this state extremely thrilled and expecting

Presents from the guy they’ve heard a lot about. They won’t think that Santa is fake because they don’t think rationally.

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