Another Night at the Gym

Event organizers usually go to great lengths to ensure that participants will always remember the occasion. It is not easy to make an experience, especially on a cold night to stand out. Giving partakers something to remember like a t-shirt or a key chain will make it stick in the minds of the participants (Marketing Zen). For our visit to a local gym, we did not need special presents. For one, we were the organizers. Second, the events simply made the night outstanding.

It was Wednesday evening. I was hanging out with friends, and playing some video games. It was going to be just like any other night in the small town where we lived until an idea struck Pedro’s mind. “Hey guys!” he yelled. “What about a night at the gym? It has been long since I last flexed my muscles.” It was as if the other two had been expecting that. Immediately, everyone rose to activity. I glanced at my wristwatch. It was approaching a quarter to six. We still had more than one hour to begin our journey. I rushed to the apartment and took my backpack having a bottle of water and some snacks. Soon, Pedro and Andre arrived, and we left for Roberto who was already waiting. It was the twenty-second day of March.

“Hey, Jose!” It was Andre. It had long since I saw him in his highest spirits. “Ever boxed someone before?” he continued. I had never been to a gymnasium before, and I had the faintest idea of how it is like to be in a place like that. Moreover, this was not going to be an ordinary physical exercise. I have never liked strenuous activities, especially when some competition is involved. So when Andre hinted that there was going to be some boxing game and that I was going to have an opponent, I began having a second thought. I felt some cold blood pace through my veins, and a chilling breeze rushed across my belly. I could feel the hairs of my head erecting one after the other. The only moments I usually experience such feelings are when that arithmetic guy announces of a math test.

The group is an interesting one. I always enjoy the company of Pedro. He never lacks what to say. Each one dressed in a manner they felt was fit for the occasion. I was in my new tracksuit. At exactly twenty minutes past six, our trip began. Soon, stories began to flow one after another. We talked and joked about every topic imaginable, from classwork to family issues to upcoming soccer fixtures. We mused over the possibility of spending the whole night away from our apartments. We also deliberated over what we would take for the evening for our stomachs. Roberto suggested that we take an early dinner at a restaurant that was just a few miles from our apartment.

As usual, the restaurant was already buzzing with many activities. People were coming and leaving, sometimes in singles, at times in groups. We found two tables that were vacant, and we occupied them. Soon, my mind began lingering over the variety of people in the place. They were of different races, sizes, and ages. Sitting on the table opposite to ours was a couple advanced in years. They sipped their coffee alternately in a rhythmic fashion. For a while, I found my eyes transfixed at them that I did not realize when my plate arrived. For an instant observer, the pair appeared to be expressing some indifference toward each other. However, as my eyes peered through, I saw sweet smiles hidden under wrinkled faces. They had a calm disposition, and a genuine endearment toward each other emerged through their cheeks. The gray hair and the creases on their skin were no obstacles to the love of their youth.

As I observed the glow of affection that their faces emitted, I could not stop idealizing the day I will see Mom and Dad having such moments together. I am already turning twenty. I have never taken interest to bond with girls, and my parents have significantly contributed to my status. Sometimes I fantasize over the possibility of starting a relationship. However, when I think of my folks, such thoughts simply find escape routes probably through the fissures of my skull. Dad and Mom barely agree on anything, leave alone setting time to enjoy some happy moments. Even though they boast of a relationship of over 22 years, their marriage is just surviving not thriving. Hardly a day passes without them arguing over some issue. They often clash even over small matters like deciding on what I should put on or we should have for breakfast.

Anyway, back to our boxing evening. As soon as we were through with dinner, we set off for the gym. Soon, we were walking on the road the led to the place. Once again, I took a quick glance at my watch. It was approaching a quarter past seven. We arrived at the gym some few minutes to 7.30. A gatekeeper warmly welcomed and directed us to a trainer who explained to us the terms of stay. He also told us of the different activities that went on in the facility. I felt that he directed the explanations to me since my companions were frequent visitors and were acquainted with the rules. I soon learned that there were between three to five coaches. It appeared to me that each one had an area of specialization, just like the teachers back at school.

The coaches were among the best. They took us through some light boxing drills. After the drills, there were some more activities to keep us busy. There were ropes over which we jumped. We also did some of cardio and abs. Just then, it hit on us that the clock was ticking a few minutes to 9.30. The evening was one of the finest experiences I have ever had. Not only did I feel fresh, but I also learned new boxing techniques. We were exhausted. After refreshing ourselves with a warm shower, we set off for our return journey. I had imagined that we would have a great night. The experiences excelled my expectations. “When is the next boxing?” I asked. Everyone laughed. I could not wait for another night at the gym.




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