The article provides an insight into the underlying political activism carried out through hacking. In essence, hacking sensitive information to facilitate activism is a major identity of Anonymous. A critical review of Hacktivism explores the emphasis on cybercrime blended with the good intention to address overlooked political injustices. Hacktivism in itself constitute a compound word of advancing personal political grievances through hacking. In that regard, Anonymous is helped to protect its identity and spread the message of political sobriety, social justice, and economic equality. Hacktivism promotes the action of Anonymous and exaggerate impacts of the underlying political ideologies. Personification of Anonymous is aided by hacktivism.

The position of Anonymous is that of more weird and ruthless hacktivist. While previous activists focused on selective hacking and sparing the websites, anonymous combine various techniques to inflict atrocity on its victims. Anonymous deface websites, pull down some of them in a rage of self-expression. Anonymous intervened in the emerging government regulation on internet. Other activists protested government’s oppressive internet control and invaded sensitive data to monitor the actions of powerful individuals. Besides, Anonymous shares similarity with other activists in terms of purpose and approach to address political ills. Anonymous attempts to expand hacktivism through a sophisticated internet modification.

In essence, Anonymous has expanded its actions to capture the interest of entrepreneurs and subdue political antics that frustrate creative minds. For instance, pro-piracy and anti-surveillance policies seek to undermine freedom of speech. In that respect, Anonymous stands out as a hacktivist that profess cyberlibertarianism who seek freedom without any form of restrain and as long as the freedom of other people are not constrained.

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