Analytical method for engineering

Work Processes and Information Management Engineering

Based on its broad application and presentation in literature, asset management in engineering covers a wide range of engineering aspects from general management, production, operation and even human and financial capital aspects. Inherently, these assets are the resources and operations that make an engineering unit active and productive. The paper will discuss the issue of engineering assets management from the perspective of work processes and information and knowledge management. The paper is guided by the thesis that engineering assets management improves the efficiency and reliability within an engineering facility.

Work processes refer to all the activities that take place within a facility or a unit. Work processes are important assets in engineering. First, the productivity of any facility and its units is dependent on the effectiveness of all the activities that take place in the manufacturing facility. Managing all the processes, therefore, lead to the exemplary performance of each of the processes and hence increased the productivity of the processes individually and collectively. This, in turn, improves the reliability of the facility as a whole.

Knowledge and information are the engineering assets that help a unit stay woven together. Through sharing of information and knowledge, the objectives of a facility and its activities become harmonized, and there is a smooth flow of activities. Through effective management of communication, these assets are managed and their effectiveness achieved. The kind of knowledge and information available in the facility, its media of sharing and the effect that the information has on the performance of the facility must be well managed to ensure that they contribute only positively towards the overall performance objective. When these assets are well managed, there are high chances that the reliability of the manufacturing facility will be improved.

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