Amigo brothers

Amigo brothers is a creative literary work that emphasis the spirit of friendship. A critical review of the story shows Felix and Antonio as aspiring boxers. As they grow up and train together, they develop a strong bond. Despite their different capabilities, they are each determined to excel. In the run up to a boxing competition that pit them against each other, they engage in intense preparation. It common to see competitors doing their best in training to emerge victorious. However, withstanding the test of friendship like Amigo brothers did is rare. In essence, competition in a sporting event is something that in most cases override friendship (Thomas 10). Considering that boxing as sport of physical contact and sometimes involve fatal injury, Felix and Antonio had the greatest test of their longstanding friendship. While Piri Thomas wrote this work, he focused on the traits of true friendship.  The boxing duel between Felix and Antonio is set to take the winner to Golden glove competition. It is obvious idea that in a competition one must win. In fact, the title of the book itself “Amigo” is a Spanish word for friends. The thought of having a winner in the competition sent cold chills in the spine of the two friends. Although they were aware of the competition and the aspiration to progress, the fate of their friendship kept ticking in their minds (Gale 31). The aggression that characterize youth stage is does not miss here. For instance, when the two fight on the ring and reach maximum ferocity that see them land heavy blows against each other, much would be expected. But the outcome is amazing.

Their different fighting ability is a recipe to a stronger bond. While Antonio’s precision in the boxing ring may be considered a competitive advantage, he is worried more of his friendship with Felix who is rather slugger. In essence, the decision of the boys is divine. It can be noted that the Amigo brothers met each other in their desire to be great boxers. The friendship they have cultivated over time faced potential collapse within a day of a fight. In a twist of elusive wisdom, the two resolve to reconcile the motive of the competition with the benefits of friendship (Pattison 11). After all, it is the boxing classes that brought them together and the relationship should remain intact. They are able to distinguish sporting opponent from enmity. While they have to fight by the rule, a session of ferocious exchange almost ruin their promise. The story takes a fascinating direction as the audience is left anxious to determine what would happen next in the ring. However, the surprise disappearance of the boys from the ring after the boxing bout leave the readers awed at their commitment to friendship. Instead of waiting for the winner to be announced, they sense the risk of winning interfering with their friendship and simply skip the scene.

This story is informative and encouraging as it explain the characteristics of true friendship. Although the characters are only two, their actions speaks volumes (Prentice Hall Literature 2). The narrative focuses on the internal willingness to pursue a specific goal at all cost. The case of Amigo brother reflects real conflicts that affect friendships.  A lesson of irreversible commitment to keep loyalty to a friendship that take time to build is evident in this writing.


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