American Revolution

There are numerous reasons we should stay loyal to The King. One reason, which I feel is the most important, is that we have a steady way of life now. The British soldiers protect us. Life is near what it was like in Britain. If we start a war with Britain then there is an uncertainty of not only the outcome of the battle, but also how our lives will change regardless of who wins the war.

A lot of Revolutionists feel that we should not be paying taxes and should be treated the same as citizens in Britain. Have you looked into what our taxes go towards? A good portion goes towards paying for the British soldiers to be here to protect us from not only the Indians but also the French. Britain has a high national debt; this debt caused by worldwide warfare. The British citizens pay a tax to go toward debt, why shouldn’t we?

Revolutionists are up in arms over these little issues that they are willing to wage war and threaten our current way of life to chase a dream that is not certain. I hope that you all take into consideration my words and think wisely before going to war with The King.


Response 1

I think revolution has the potential of improving our welfare than the King. Considering the heavy tax burden that goes to fund military rather than development, revolution will open up our economy. Change of life after war is certain but it will definitely for the positive reconstruction of our country. Since we have been paying taxes but treated as second class citizens in our own land, revolution will obviously change things. We will gain independence and establish a political and economic system that captures our culture. Remaining under the King means we assimilate to British culture and our way of life will be eroded. Will we be happy when our future generation remains cultural orphans? No, revolution means change to the people and continuity in line with popular culture and progressive independent economic strategy.

Loyalist Debate Discussion 2.


I have been and always will be loyal to the crown, this group of so called “rebels” are acting like children. So we have to pay a little taxes here and there, so does everyone else in the empire! But this band of rebels thinks that they can come in a destabilize everything we have worked so hard on to create with acts of terror, and for what? So we can enjoy all the benefits of a stable economy and the protection from this glorious empire or we can become a weak state with no military or even our own currency! Oh yes I have seen the paper currency that have been made but you know what the numbers mean on each of the notes? Nothing at all! This band of rebel scum continues to hold onto this feeble dream of breaking away from our glorious king. This ragtag group cannot possibly think they can defeat the might of the British Army and Navy with nothing but farmers and shopkeepers, poppycock! I guess what I am saying is at the end of the day the children of these colonies, that want to be separated from the crown, know nothing about global politics and have no idea as to what would be best for the colonies

Response 2

Political revolution is necessary to bring change in the life of the people. However, revolution faces significant opposition from incumbent political class who enjoy exploiting the ignorance of common man. For accountable and constructive use of our taxes, self-governance is important. British protection comes at the expense of the people. Political decision making institutions do not represent the actual interest of the people. The British Empire controls our resources denying us the right to economy gain from trade with other nations. Change of status quo is branded rebellion by the British but we call it revolution by the people and for the people. Winning in the revolution will grant us independence; we will make our laws and become sovereign with international recognition hence better socio-economic and political bargaining strength.

Loyalist Debate Discussion 3.

I am a successful merchant from Boston and I am here to state my intention of remaining true and faithful to Great Britain. I am a true loyalist and always will be! First and foremost, betrayal and resistance to the Crown is morally wrong. The way these so called “rebels” are vandalizing property, causing riots and chaos and brutally destroying our colonies is simply disgraceful. What sense would it make to break ties with Great Britain? A strong, unified British empire is beneficial to us all. We, as colonists, are British subjects and should abide by British law. Without Britain, we would be weak as a nation. Our lives will be safer and our businesses more profitable if we remain under British law. Our farms and businesses profit from trade with England and this relationship will always be beneficial to both parties. Our taxes are fair and serve a purpose. These taxes are to pay for our protection from the savage Indians and the French who object to the colonization of the land. We would not be where we are today without the support and financial backing of King George. What a disgrace it would be to desert Great Britain now!

Response 3

Morality is relative. Can you say that British unfair tax, control of political and economic policies is morally right? The will of the people is ignored and replaced by the deceptive idea of military protection. If revolution can succeed, British Empire will be our trade partner and not our master. The economic prospects of revolution are invaluable but must come at a cost that includes riots, violence and destruction of British sanctioned property in our land. Our taxes are not working for us. After all defeating British Empire will send a message to the whole world about our strength, unity and ability to resist any external aggression from Indians or French. We need independence, our constitution and dignity.










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