American Revolution

The American Revolution is primarily referred to as the American war of independence as this was the period when the Americans rejected the British monarchy and aristocracy to establish the United States of America. There were two phases of the American Revolution. In the first phase of the American Revolution, the American colonists realized their “rights and privileges” and the Great Britain protested as they felt they were a violation of these “rights and privileges” during 1763-1776. During this period, there was a growing estrangement between the Great Britain and the American colonies which was triggered by the British efforts to declare superior control over colonial dealings after adhering to a salutary neglect policy. During the second phase of American Revolution, the conflict was civil which afterward became an international war. During this time, 1776-1786, the “inherent rights and privileges” were re-examined and redefined. The American Revolution, in this case, was considered as a conservative movement. More specifically, the revolution involved irreversible, decisive, and sudden changes in social traditions, groups, and institutions (Gibson). The statement is true as the American Revolution was more of conservative than radical or preservative for a number of reasons.

First, the American Revolution did not talk about new ideas although it was regarded as the first war which was started to put into practice the previous talked about ideas. After the revolution, nothing has changed in as far as the average man is concerned. After the revolution, the governments were still basically the same, women were not given equal rights, Indians were still considered savages, and slaves were still enslaved, except now there were no royal governors. The Americans believed that the monarchs being ruled by divine right was their backbone or breaking away from Britain (Gibson). Eventually, the Americans did not practice it. The upper class white men occupied the Continental Congress. In addition, they held central places in their corresponding states as well as owning land. The upper class still ruled even after the revolution was over. There was not some over-whelming, sound, and earth-shattering clamor for national equality. What is more, most of the laws were made by the upper class and things mostly remained the same. Secondly, there is a great difference between the American Revolution and other revolutions in history. The American Revolution transpired in the state renowned beyond entirely others in the 18th century by an enormous extent of economic, religious, as well as political independence it permitted its colonies overseas.

In conclusion, the Americans had experienced some forms of freedom, unlike other revolutionary people. The desire for even more freedom was the chief reason for the Revolution. Therefore, the American Revolution was more of conservative than radical or preservative as the Americans fought for their rights and privileges which were later re-examined and redefined.

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