The American nurses association is an organization representing the wellbeing of American nurses. The association prides itself in having a broad membership of over 3 million members. Its main duty is the safeguarding of the nurses welfare which involves ensuring that the right working conditions are maintained in the hospitals and that ethics and code of conducts governing the profession are upheld at all time by the practicing nurses. The association also safeguards the health of the public through awareness and correct practices (Fowler & American Nurses Association, 2008).

The American Nurses Association website contains two sets of information, one tailor made for its members and the other for the members of the public. Since the association primarily champions for the rights and welfare of its members, most of the resources offered on the website are targeted on them. The resources offered to its members range from education and career development to financial and personal development.

On the education and career development the website offers online CE library where the members can acquire reading materials. For those aspiring to be nurses in future, the website offers placement services for them. In a big way, the website promotes members career development through availing of resources like, continuing professional development, career center, ANCC certification, Magnate certification and Work at ANA. On the financial security and development of its members, the website offers a wide range of products which include different insurance packages like auto insurance, long term service insurance professional liability insurance and financial planning insurance ( Masters, 2017).

ANS website resources which target the members of the public include, disaster preparedness and response and environmental health. This information is meant to encourage the members of the public to be responsible and always alert.

Joining this organization will be a major booster in my professional development. The resources and services they offer will ensure that I get a placement in a good working environment. My career development is also ensured since I can get certification after undertaking short causes offered by the association. By being involved with likeminded individuals will be a major booster for my career.

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