How does Aeschylus’s Agamemnon, reinforce, or challenge ancient greek taboos, morals, ideology.

Ancient Greek is presented as the origin of civilization and philosophy of the societal structure. This ancient era was characterized by ideology that defined gender, roles and relationships. Family relationships are seen as patriarchal in Ancient Greek and two specific characters stand out to change this social order. Agamemnon and Euripides’s Media offers an insight into the underlying moral obligations and opportunities to change things despite possible opposition. Agamemnon exhibit conservatism spirit by according the wife moral authority to make personal decisions in as far as gender equality debate is concerned. He is representative of the few in the society that reinforce war against female power, and struggle based on gender. It is worth to note that in ancient Greek women were given inferior roles that concentrated in taking care of children and kitchen. On the other hand, men took political power with critical decisions some of which affected women. In that regard, patriarchal ideology was deep and infidelity justified in the face of men.

Chronology of events in the tragedy explores how Agamemnon comes home from war in In Troy with prophetess-maiden Cassandra. This act shows the freedom of infidelity among men while women were expected to remain faithful to one husband. Besides, a serious conflict that arises between Agamemnon and his wife Clytemnestra leads to his death for same reasons of advancing oppression against women as was common in Europe during his reign. Agamemnon is a strict adherent to the customs of the land in which sacrifices were to be made. It is clear that Clytemnestra is revenging death of their  daughter that the Agamemnon sacrificed. Expression of discontent by the wife’s attempt to insubordinate him during the homecoming shows the depth of his conservatism and belief in inferiority of women in Greek. Even at his time of death, he is a man of ego and steward of patriarchy. It is therefore worth to brand Agamemnon as a reinforcer and champion of Greek ideology of gender inequality.

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