Advantages of over the counter birth control pills

The topic of oral contraception has been very controversial; with some opposing it while other proposing it for some reasons. Changing the contraceptive pill from prescription-only to over-the-counter requires interested pharmaceutical companies that have deep pocket making it a no small feat because it is costly (Krishnamurti 618). Although many companies hesitate in going forward with the OTC birth control pills because of the fear of political interference, birth control pills should be sold over-the-counter to teens in the U.S. the paper will present reasons why the birth control pills should be sold over-the-counter to teens in the U.S.

First, it will help in reducing the high rate of teen pregnancy in the United States. Although opponents of the idea argue that the move will cause promiscuity, teens will have sex anyway. It is clear that selling birth control pills over-the-counter (without a prescription) to teens does not make them engage in riskier sexual activity anyhow. Adolescents often engage in sexual activity even before they see a doctor or a nurse discuss contraception. This, therefore, indicates that over-the-counter birth control pills will help them in reducing unintended pregnancy (Rhode 95).  Making them over-the-counter helps in allowing easier access by the teens by making them more affordable. This will reduce the rate of unintended teen pregnancy because it will help in promoting safe sex. The teens that will not be able to afford to visit a nurse or a doctor will have the opportunity to buy birth control pills making the move to do more good than harm (Krishnamurti 619).

Secondly, it will make life easier to teens because they will have the opportunity of getting the pill right away without having to call the doctor’s office. Also, they will not need to fill out many forms and present their insurance cards (White 147). The done works effectively and does not need to be fine-tuned by a health care provider. Although some opponents argue that it should not be treated lightly sine it is medication, making birth control non-prescription is not addictive. It might make a person throw up but does not result in a deadly overdose (Krishnamurti 618).

Finally, there is no need for diagnoses from a health care provider for a birth control pill because it is often for couples who have decided to avoid pregnancy (White,146). According to many doctors, women should have the opportunity of getting hormonal birth control from the shop after just a brief consultation with the pharmacist because it has more benefits. For instance, an individual who takes the birth control pill for over a year tends to get long-term health benefits such as protection against the cancer of the ovaries or uterus (Rhode 95).

In conclusion, making birth control pill non-prescription has many benefits to teens. OTC access to birth control pill will actually be a game-changer to the public health because it will help in the elimination of an unwarranted barrier to a very effective means of controlling unintended pregnancy. Besides, it is effective in protecting women against the cancer of the ovaries or uterus. Allowing or not allowing the sale of birth control over the counter to teens in the U.S is not directly related to the rate of promiscuity. It will actually help in reducing the rate of abortions which normally poses risks to women hence it will greatly help in improving the health of women (White 146).

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